My brother doesn’t watch The Office, but sat down to watch the finale with me, anyway, and to give him a better idea about what was going on, I told him about (annakovsky’s OFFIC*E)[http://archiveofourown.org/works/20970], and I didn’t have to say that Dwight is Burns because he said it first. Also, we have never laughed so hard as we did when Dwight asked for the conversion rate of Stanley nickels and Stanley told him. He didn’t laugh when I told him about “Cordially, Future Dwight”, but he did say, “That’s actually really funny.”

Then my brother wanted to know if the Winchester boys have powers, and I think maybe I talked too much, trying to explain, because he went to back his XBOX before the good stuff happened.

UPDATE 2007-05-19:

OK, now he wants a fight. After telling me that recasting MAS*H with characters from The Office is for people with too much time on their hands, my brother wants to tell me all about this comic series he’s reading about what if Superman landed in Russia instead of Kansas.

Exact same thing! I say. No way, he says.

I don’t know comics, so who’s got more evidence I can throw at him?

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