If anyone ever wanted the History of Filming American Television in Vancouver, take a scroll through Garwin Sanford‘s filmography. The guy’s been in everything, and his latest Supernatural role hasn’t even made the list yet. At the top there’s Stargate: Atlantis and The 4400 and Eureka, and I scroll down wondering, “Did he do Smallville?” (Yes) “Did he do a Cold Squad?” (Of course), “HighlanderSliders?” (Yep. Yep.), “Wow, I wonder if he did a–” (Yes, he did a 21 Jump Street. He also did a MacGyver. And a Viper, which I never saw on TV, but did see them crash that car.)

Dylan’s “All along the watchtower” popped up on the iPod, and it started me thinking about the Battlestar Galactica finale. And, in my head, when I meant “Cylon,” I said “Sentinel”. I’m not writing it, but I am trying to suss out what that world looks like.

It’s completely Shana’s fault I’m watching Brothers and Sisters. I wonder, is it also fair to blame her for not being able to find 1×11? I’ve watched 9 in two days, I’ve got 10 here, waiting, but then I’m stuck. And Rob Lowe just showed up!

Can anyone out there help?

I really wish there were more random football players with names on FNL. Mostly this is because I’m having a tough time with callmesandy’s Five Things request. But also because, and especially during the State game, it really felt it wasn’t the Panthers winning, but 7, 20, and 33.

I didn’t get to watch Friday Night Lights until 8:46, and, still, it felt so full of action, or life, of love. This is a show that plays to the very last second, fills every space. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the episode, but I feel so satisfied already.

What are the McGillion fans up to? Enough, apparently, that the mainstream news is covering them. My dad keeps asking if I’ve heard the latest about Dr. Baxter.

Something about “Drop the Pilot” makes me think that John downloaded it off the fanon shared server because he liked the title. Only this turned out to be the Mandy Moore cover, which is insanely poppy, and John uses it when he’s working out alone. He’s all hyped up and sweaty when he stops at the mess and shoves in line behind Rodney, who makes grabby hands for John’s iPod because he knows there is tons of material John hides on that thing that he doesn’t want anyone, especially Rodney, knowing about. Rodney laughs and laughs when he sees what John is listening to, and John says, “Well, if you’re gonna be like that about it,” and he reaches for an orange as big as his fist. Rodney’s all, “You don’t want to do that,” because he’s only just noticed how John’s t-shirt is wet and how all the curves and angles are defined, and John says, “I don’t?” Rodney crowds up against him, and John kind of stumbles backwards, his legs still burning and not quite up to the task of holding him up, and then they’ve lost their place in the lunch line, and then they’re in the hallway, and when they’re in John’s room with the door shut, Rodney kisses him and says, “Because then I couldn’t do this.”

I don’t know, maybe it’s too obvious, but my World Civilizations class makes me want to write a “the Team plays Risk” story. This is the one where Ronon keeps attacking and not always winning, until he’s down to just one infantry piece, a stealthy army of men who invade McKay’s territories from behind because Rodney won’t take his fingers off the pieces until he’s really really sure of his move, or until Sheppard yells at him, which he does a lot of, and, slowly but surely, while the boys are fighting, Teyla conquers the world.

See, now, the problem with this season of Doctor Who is that, instead of watching for the Doctor, whose big fluffy hair and tight blue suits I absolutely love, I’m waiting for the Captain. It’s really hard to sit back and enjoy Space Rhinos and Shakespeare when Torchwood is still on hiatus, and they’re gonna drag it out as long as possible.

That said, I like the new girl.