I have been waiting for that Street-coaches-Saracen scene since the beginning, and it was so good. I loved everyone on that field at that moment, all putting aside differences for the team. I still don’t have any idea what Street told him to do, but that’s what’s awesome about FNL. You don’t have to know the plays to get the subtext.

Also, Mr. and Mrs. Coach hit my domestic kink so hard every time. I really kinda want to read stories about when Julie was little.

On a crowded bus, the dad, instead of finding his own seat, shoved into the two his wife and daughter had already taken. This is the second time something like this has happened and made me think, “John Sheppard would totally do that.” Although, how he got Rodney on public transit, I do not know.

I have to tell you, every time John Prine’s “Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone” comes up on shuffle, which isn’t that often since Sab only just gave it to me, I think I know it already, like I heard it at a restaurant, or in a movie, or pulled it out of the collective subconscious and forgot to write down the title the first time ’round.. At least twice now, it’s made me say, “Wait, where do I know this from?” I can’t remember the last song I felt I knew so deeply so soon.

Space is playing The Sentinel five times a week these days, which means it’s time for “Sentinel, Too” again. It always sends me looking for new stuff to read and back to some old favourites. Perfect timing, too, because I’m all out of Torchwood.

There is a teacher, whose office I pass on Tuesdays and Thursdays, who has a sticker on the door that says: Chemists are people of real substance. This is exactly the sort I enjoy seeing Dr. McKay tortured with in academic AUs.

I’ve been reading a lot of Torchwood lately, so I went and made that picture from 113–you know the one–my desktop again, which neccesitates moving icons and Stickies and open windows around so I can be looking at the good parts.