Full of team-y goodness. Everyone had their roles to play — there was just enough Elizabeth, and Teyla teasing Rodney (secret OTP!), and Ronon showing down John in the hallway is Play O’ the Year. I could do without the heavy-handed exposition and flashbacks, but this is a pretty damn big hole they’ve got to dig themselves out of. I can’t say it’s totally working for me, but it is interesting.

Besides: ninja lessons with Ronon, ParticipACTION (I feel your pain, Rodney), and a canonical Butch and Sundance reference.

That’s really all I need.

Sab asked for Christine Fellows and offered a trade. Why don’t we play Song Association?

Here is a song for you: Christine Fellows “Paper Anniversary”. If you want to give me a song that reminds you of this one, I’ll give you another that makes me think of yours, and we can go all night.

Bullet points about late Thursday classes, good and bad:

> the internet is awash in spoilers I cannot read
> no waiting for The Daily Show
> downloads set running this morning are done
> getting to see just the bantery end bits of The Sentinel (apparently now airing DAILY on Space)
> straight into the pjs

I’m so close to posting an embarrassing post to sgastoryfinders. Please save me from this fate. I’m trying to find that one where John and Rodney are temporary slaves on some planet, and Rodney gets to have sex with a scientist, but John’s girl is a twinkie who likes to dress him up and show him off.

Hey, I don’t judge you.

ETA: It’s Terms of Service by resonant!

Probably my favourite Postcrossing card so far: “Btw, I heard that there was a film studio of “Supernatural (an American TV drama)” in Canada. Do you watch it?”

If My Musical is an album, “Guy Love” is the single. But “Going to be OK” is the real stand out. It reminds me of 15 and seeing RENT the first time. It’s as beautiful as “Everything comes down to poo” is silly. Nice to know we can always count on Scrubs for that.

So, about that hug Hugh Laurie gave Greg Grunberg at the Golden Globes last night and their alleged celebrity band, 16:9. I say ‘alleged’, ’cause I couldn’t find a website. Now someone has commented to tell me they’ve changed their name to Bandfromtv and they even have a MySpace.

I have spent the morning imagining Bandfromvancouvertv. It’s got Katee Sackhoff on vocals, David Hewlett on drums, Jensen Ackles on lead guitar and Joe Flanigan doing whatever he does with that guitar of his. Guest appearances include: Amanda Tapping on keyboards, Chris Judge shaking a tambourine, Jared Padalecki as the groupie with the lighter, Jamie Bamber getting up on stage to do “I got you, babe”, and Jennifer Beals as their manager. Also, I think I saw Michael Rosenbaum dancing drunk at their last show.