Here’s what I wrote, back in March, about a Bon Jovi song:

The catchy ones hit me like this: almost instant disdain, but they stick with me, and, soon enough, I’ve got it on iTunes, I’m hiding it on my iPod, and I’m singing the words under my breath when I catch it in a restaurant.

I’ve read enough rockist music crit in my life to make a resolution: All music is pleasure. No music is guilty.

That’s what I’ve learned after a quarter century of crushing on music, going on a few dates, having more than a few one night stands with music, marrying music (always impulsively) and divorcing music (always amicably). Me and music? We’re good now. He doesn’t sue me when I download for free, and I don’t get mad when he puts another model-actress-partygirl-singer on top of the charts. Everyone listens to music in their own way, and there’s room enough for us all.

In that spirit, the 2nd Annual I’m this-many-years-old, you get this-many-songs list spans country, pop, dance, R&B, and indie. There are covers and live versions and remixes and duets. The longest song is almost six minutes; the shortest is barely one. These songs were released in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and just last month, but, for me, these were the songs of 2006.

The new thing: Twitter. You know all those moments when you think maybe you should blog about it, but just can’t bring yourself to do so, for whatever reason: lazy, computer too far away, stage fright? Now, there’s Twitter, which asks just one question of you: what are you doing? And they give you just 154 characters to answer. Me? I’m watching for the inevitable “just joined Twitter” posts in the public timeline.

The best thing that happened this Christmas, courtesy of my young cousins, a British sense of humour, and the greatest food in the world.

Last night I dreamed about a post-war Atlantis. Rodney had lost his right arm and John had lost his left, and this was a good thing because now they could sit pressed close to each other with nothing in between.

I’ve been sick. It’s probably the fever talking.

I’m watching this season with a lot of trepidation, but I loved this ep because we used to say that the world would be a better place if Marissa had died in that alley in TJ, and this ep is Josh stamping his feet and telling us, “No, no, it wouldn’t be.”

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an episode of an old TV show, wherein two main characters strip off their shirts to play sand lacrosse with a group of men, trek across the desert, sacrifice their water for each other, and stay alive with word games in abandoned buildings, only to discover these two main characters are not the most popular pairing in the fandom. What gives, Enterprise? Where’s the hot Archer/Tucker loving?

> I’ve been playing around with WordPress again (after my friend asked for a blog on her little corner of my webspace I set up for her). So, if you’re an RSS reading person:

> Today is the official start of the Christmas season, which, in my family, means we put all our Christmas CDs into the player for a month-long shuffle.

> Hawksley Workman “Claire Fontaine”

It’s hard enough choosing just 31 of my favourite Christmas songs to share this month. Choosing which one to open with took me all day.

We’ve had snow here on the west coast for a week now, and I’m already into the Christmas spirit. But, still, it’s only December 1st, and I keep thinking maybe we should ease into it. This song’s from Hawksley’s kinda-Christmas, kinda-winter album, Almost a Full Moon. It’s a kinda-holiday song for those who aren’t yet ready for the holidays.