The truth is, we really do love America. But we will never love America as much as America loves itself. And that’s cool. Canada’s kind of weird about the pride thing. To use a high school metaphor, Canada is the slightly geeky kid who does America’s trig homework. We don’t do it because America scares us (we’ve been working out), and it’s not even to be seen with America (studies say the world likes our flag the best). It’s because Canada, honestly, wants America to like us, to say ‘hey’ in the hall, and maybe even invite us to eat lunch at the cool kids table.

We forget that you aren’t George W. Bush, that we aren’t Stephen Harper. We’re not up here waving our arms around because we want you to love us, too. We’re not interested in influencing your policy, taking over your war, acting in your movies; well, we are, but we really just want to be friends. There aren’t enough of those in the world.

Anyway. I was just surfing around and came across this Good magazine. Their feature article is called “I Heart America” and the tagline is “Welcome to the most beautiful mess you’ll see” and it just reminded me that we aren’t our countries, but the tiny pieces that make up our countries. And I love those little pieces, not matter where they live.

It’s snowing! I know this may not seem like the stuff of a blog post, but this is so foreign. It’s only November. We’re lucky if we get snow here in January.

Suddenly, my current craving for Christmas music isn’t so weird.

There’s this look on Sheppard’s face, in Epiphany, while everyone else is meditating and he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. And I often imagine Joe Flanigan has that same look on his face while on set, while reading the scripts.

I wonder, too, if he, and anyone else who has a regular gig filming up here in Vancouver, is watching Battlestar Galactica and thinking they’re in the right place on the wrong show.

One thing I can say about Studio 60:

There is a moment 28 minutes in (including commercials) that makes the last eight episodes so worth it.

So, this was the second pilot. And it gives me a lot of hope for this show. Somebody finally said something that sunk in, and Sorkin, through Matt, is asking for help. It’s too bad we lose the writer’s room we never really got to know anyway,and it’s too bad it took this long. I don’t know how many fans he lost during this first half a season, which I’m calling Dress Rehearsal from now on. He almost lost me. But I can see the top from here. It’s so close.

This is the one day a year I watch football. The B.C. Lions played the Montreal Alouettes in the Grey Cup game today, and they won 25-14. The less said about Nelly Furtado’s halftime show the better, but I will be keeping a close eye on Go Fug Yourself for the next week.