The writers room in Studio 60 includes:
> the guy who played Curtis the bodyman from The West Wing
> the guy who was always the hippie from Mr. Show
> the guy who offered CJ a development deal from The West Wing
> the guy who plays bass in Lane’s band from Gilmore Girls

and that’s not even counting the guy who played Harry from Sex and the City and the guy who Joss Whedon loves, who have now graduated from Hey, it’s that guy to Name in the credits guy.

[Note: because I am that much of a dork, I actually had most of this list just from watching the promo.]

someone at ctv screwed up and aired the second ep of grey’s anatomy instead of the premiere. now, on top of disliking many of the main cast, i thought the writers were morons for not dealing with izzie before skipping to big speeches about meredith’s choice. this is just to say, if you were so inclined, you could find a download for ep 2 out there.

i do feel a little bad about csi. instead of sympathy for cath, i was thinking about how guilty nick’s going to feel when he realises what happened to her after he left to get laid. it’s possible i might still not be over “grave danger”.

i can’t decide if i should be amused that sorkin’s not just plaigarising the words anymore, or if i should take studio 60’s titles set in the west wing’s typeface as a shout out to his loyal fans.

[this post brought to you by canadian television and studio 60 on sunday nights.]

I’m reading a lot of sentinel these days, but i still haven’t found my perfect post-“the sentinel by blair sandburg” story. this is not it either, but it’s what i got.

partners in crime

this is the beginning of one story and the end of another. i tried to put them together, but they don’t play well with others.

so, when shana put up the sides from studio 60, i had to peek just a little. i read up to danny’s line about how accepting an award in front of thousands of people is the only place matt is ok, and i had to stop there because it confirmed just how good this show was going to be, and i wanted to watch the pilot before i read it.

now that i’ve watched it (and watched it and watched it), i went back to the script to see what changed. and now i know why i found the pilot so meh, even though i’m more excited about this show since i discovered that there’s an invention called television, and on this invention they show shows.

the script has great writing talk from tom and simon, actual lines from ricky and ron, and a scene that almost makes me a danny/marthakaren shipper. they talk about things — things other than what happens in the first five minutes and what everyone in the audience knows will happen in the last five minutes. sorkin wrote an interesting journey to a place we already know about, but what got filmed was a slow and silted walk with characters we haven’t really met to a place that didn’t surprise us at all.

none which means i’m not coming back for more. i’m totally sold on matt and danny. but the rest of them that are gonna have to work harder.

kate hewlett’s in a new scotiabank commercial, and i started writing a post in my head about how canada just doesn’t have enough tv to keep our fourteen actors in guest starring roles, but we do have a great commercial industry. there are times when i spot an actor in a tv show or movie, and it takes me a moment before i remember: oh, yeah, the dad in the kraft singles commercial. there are actors in canada i recognise again and again, and all they’ve done is commercials. i don’t know the story behind david nykl’s terasen gas campaign, but the first ad was ages ago (when i had no idea who he was), and they didn’t air the second (which i like to call “radek zelenka takes a shower”) until after sg:a. but the point is, while i was writing this post in my head, a la-z-boy commercial came on, and it had torri higginson voiceover.

mcgillion was on the sentinel today, which reminded me, in a kind of roundabout way that actually totally makes sense, did anyone watch kavan smith on blade: the series? because i really didn’t want to watch anything related to that awful movie i once paid money to see, but i assumed by now someone somewhere would have linked to some clips.

[this post actually contained many more instances of the word “actually” before i read it over and had to delete by half.]

oh oh the best part — hands down — wasn’t the giant cock in christian’s living room, but his reaction the moment brooke shields suggested he might be in love with sean. it was exactly not what i expected. after four seasons, i thought they knew they were in love, but he was genuinely surprised. i’m still thinking about that look. i’m really looking forward to this season.