The Ages of Man and Music:
> When you’re a kid, the music you know is the music your parents know.

> When you’re in high school, the music you know is the music you hear on the radio, on TV, the music your friends know.

> When you’re in college, the music you know is the music no one else knows.

> When you’re past that, the music you know, you don’t care what other people think.

> When you’re old, the music you know, the kids make fun of.

Eat Vancouver is, technically, a trade show. To those of us not in the trade, it’s one big supermarket on a free sample Saturday. We ate our way through Italy, Australia, India, Japan, and New Jersey. After the parmesan and balsamic, the kiwi juice, the curried chick peas, the sushi rice, and the root beer, you reach the end of the booths and you just can’t eat anymore. That’s what the celebrity chefs are for.
Chef Wan cooks with his hands and talks with them, too. Ten minutes I watched him perform, and not once did he mention the recipe. Rob Feenie made chicken pot pie, but more interesting was the gossip about Morimoto after Feenie beat him on Iron Chef. Tojo-san is probably the best sushi chef in Canada, and he invented the salmon skin roll to prove it.

Like cooking shows, Eat Vancouver is food porn — what we love to watch, but will never do on our own. Except tonight I’m going to make some pasta to go with my parmesan, drink some root beer, and peel up some kiwi for dessert. It’s a start.

EXT. The Playground

MIKEY is sad. The GANG finds him under the monkey bars.


You look like you just lost your best fruit pie.

This is why Recess is one of the best written shows on television:

> a bad writer uses the cliche: “just lost your best friend.”

> a good writer knows that Mikey is the big guy who loves food and uses a food word: “just lost your sandwich.”

> a great writer knows that Mikey is the big guy who loves food and uses a food word that references the cliche with similar sound: “just lost your best fruit pie.”

Last night’s The Sentinel was the obligatory we-film-in-Vancouver-so-let’s-do-an-Asian-episode. Traditionally, these episodes have included the Japanese yakuza, gambling, paper lanterns, and illegal animal parts. This episode was all about the illegal animal parts. And the fishing. And, most famously, Jim’s “little guppy.”

19 weeks until “Sentinel Too”!

Recreation is what people do when they stop being slaves to survival and do what they wish.

In the summer of 2001, I travelled across Canada on Greyhound. I still remember sitting in a restaurant in Brandon, Manitoba, eating fried chicken and seeing a man wearing this on a t-shirt.

seven live

1. Foo Fighters – Stairway to Heaven (the Dave forgot the words version)

2. James Taylor – Shed a little light (the back-up singing choir version)

3. Martha and Rufus Wainwright – Don’t forget (the “one of Martha’s songs” version)

4. Matt Nathanson – Wide eyed and full (the “Whole of the moon” version)

5. Neko Case – Bowling Green (the “fluffy grass and ladies” version)

6. Sloan – Deeper than beauty (the 4 Nights at Palais Royale audience sing-a-long version)

7. U2 – Sunday, Bloody Sunday (the Live Aid version)