I remember when Blink 182’s Take off your pants and jacket came out and all the DJs were talking about the dirty pun and I just couldn’t see it. I remember staring at the album cover, at the airplane (take off), the pants (your pants), and jacket (and jacket) icons, and I remember analysing the title like it was Chaucer, and still, not being able to figure out the joke. Then I admitted defeat, asked my younger brother, and he knew. He knew right away.

But every time I see and/or hear Morningwood, I know. I know right away.

Morningwood – Nth Degree

This is the short film I wrote for class this semester — the one I described as “a little white christmas and a lot aaron sorkin.” And while I freely admit my influences, I’m sure this idea was born before I read about Studio 60. It’s only a third draft, it’s only gone through one big rewrite, but I’m putting it away for the summer before I start to hate it. I’m putting it out there for interested parties, as I do hope to do something with this script in the future.

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last night’s west wing was good, but not great. a little unbalanced and not exactly the tribute i was expecting. it’s next week’s preview that still has me grinning.

for me, it’s not that sam is coming back or even that josh flew out there to get him, that it’s happening all over again. it’s the quick shot in the preview of josh, sam, and santos in the transistion office, and josh has his hands out as if to say, “this is sam. things are going to be ok now.”