dear sga writers,

when i’m rewinding to look at a fence to see if, yes, “the tower” was filmed where i think it was, you’re doing something wrong.

a question: was mckay’s little sidekick really named ‘baldrick’, or did rodney just call him that? ’cause that could make up for a lot.


p.s. pendrell!

I must share a recent writing experience wherein I took my own advice, and cut about 12 years off a play I’ve been beating out for months now to no avail, and have finally decided to write a bottle show. You know, when everything takes place at a party in someone’s living room, there are all kinds of reasons for exposition. Except the whole thing’s super-angsty now that we don’t get the meet-cute.

This burst of creativity sponsored by two finals down, one to go.

I have an index card pinned above my desk. My writing is so much the better for it.

Write drunk, revise sober.

– The poet’s motto

Don’t think — write. Don’t delete — write. The only way to get better is to — write. Just keep that pen moving.

Murder your darlings.

– Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

That line will fit better somewhere. But, right now, you have to let it go. It’s dragging everyone else down.

The adverb is not your friend.

– Stephen King

There’s always one that needs to go. You can put it back if you don’t believe me. But give it a try without.

Get to the “workin’ overtime” part!

– Homer Simpson

The best part of a song is the chorus; the best part of a story is the climax. Don’t waste your time getting there. Don’t wander.