apple-related consumables The General Review: Apples

[written by Megan Westerby]

Apple is the quintessential fall flavor of my childhood and adolescence and even my early twenties. Turning leaves and cooling temperatures go hand-in-hand with more time in the kitchen making more complicated dishes, more time with the oven on.

Apples are versatile -- naturally sweet yet suited to savory dishes, crunchy and juicy when fresh and crisp, perfect for stewing and baking. You’d be hard pressed to find a way to combine apples, sugar, and butter that doesn’t result in happy taste buds.

Which sounds obvious, right? In theory, anything you add to a butter and sugar threesome has to be some kind of good, in a just universe. But apples have a special place because the tart can work with sweet, the crisp with heat, the sweetness with the buttery. Apple crumble and tarte tatin start with the exact same ingredients but end up wildly divergent in taste and texture.

Colorado didn’t have many apple orchard but college in NY came with an annual trip to an orchard and an introduction to the stupid number of apple varieties that aren’t found in stores. My favorite to this day is the Honeycrisp but that’s for the flavor, texture, and sweetness of eating it unadulterated. If there’s a farmers market with seasonal apples near you? Go and buy some. Then Google the varieties and remember the ones you like, use ‘em, and buy more of ‘em.

The best thing about buying apples at a farmers market is the apple-related consumables available fresh on the day. Apple cider, apple donuts, dried apple rings. Cider on the East coast when it’s cold and you need a treat to keep your hands warm, donuts on any coast to treat yourself for finishing errands, apples everywhere you go.

[written and illustrated by Jess Driscoll]

Names of apples
and also literary villains

Arkansas Black
Bloody Ploughman
Calville Blanc d'hiver
Esopus Spitzenburg
James Grieve
Lord Derby
Northern Spy
Pitmaston Pineapple
Stark Earliest
Wolf River

Names of apples
and also cocktails
(and possibly Victorian pulp novels)

Ashmead's Kernel
Beauty of Bath
Blenheim Orange
Chelmsford Wonder
Cornish Gilliflower
D'Arcy Spice
Devonshire Quarreden
Flower of Kent
Howgate Wonder
Lane's Prince Albert
Merton Charm
Peasgood's Nonsuch
Tolman Sweet
Twenty Ounce
Westfield Seek-No-Further

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