Find a spot. Levitated Mass

It is LA, but not the city. It is a chunk of history, set in the now. My first visit was days after the exhibit opened, at the end of June 2012.

It is of the space and completely foreign. Levitated Mass wasn't why I was in LA, but things work out that way.

It was a brand new piece of art, then, but also something very old. When you walk underneath, it seems too big. When you walk beside it, reach out and touch.

It is a visitor here and a resident. My second visit, a year later, I hitched a ride into the city with a friend. He started work at 10, but the museum doesn't open until 11.

It is open to the public and surrounded by the aura of a piece of art. That morning, I was all alone with Levitated Mass.

It is a piece of rock from the desert and a sculpture in a museum. Find a spot and sit with it a while. Don't leave until you've had a moment.

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