The 1996 Romeo + Juliet is how I found the internet. I was a Generation X teenager, born on the last day of 1981, and now I'm a Millennial adult who's never made more than $20k a year. I go by Jess online and Jessica IRL; my pronouns are she/her and singular they. As a white settler Canadian, I acknowledge the SEMYOME (Semiahmoo) Nation and their unceded land where I live. I'm committed to unsettling Turtle Island.

You probably found this website because you read something I wrote and ate something I baked. My tiny book-and-bakeshop is called All Day Breakfast. Find me on the first two Sundays of each month at the White Rock Farmers Market, but if you're not a local, you can shop provisions online. If my writing brought you here, why not subscribe to my weekly letter below? I'm an excellent penpal.